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Wakarla Studio

Wakarla JC is an Indigenous brand of Wearable Art for the Cultured Man and Woman

Property Donor: Invictus P/L

Launched: 22 December 2014

Closed: 7 May 2015

What do you do?
Launched at the Australian Museum in 2013, when Jason Coulthard was the Artist in residence, Wakarla JC is an Indigenous brand of Wearable Art for the Cultured Man and Woman.

“My label is inspired by the Adnyamathanha nation, my nation, who occupy an area of south east section of Australia. This language is ancient and fast disappearing my family are the only 20 living speakers. My designs are inspired by the land, creatures and forces of nature that dwell in my homelands. My Art is honouring the living breathing beauty of this nation.”

Wakarla JC is excited to have a base in Newcastle and is often at the Olive Tree Markets and the Hunt & Gather Markets. Wakarla JC also travels to cultural festivals, Yabun festival Sydney & Corroboree Festival in Sydney. The merchandise includes: t-shirts, dresses, caps, ties, prints and art cards. Each design is hand drawn, then printed. Each piece takes a lot of planning and drawing. All images are printed on American Apparel t-shirts and other merchandise.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
We have been following Renew for a few years before we relocated to Newcastle. The innovative logic behind taking a problem and making an opportunity was exciting and a city that was forward thinking enough to adopt it was also attractive.