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Vox Cyclops

Record store and gallery

Property Donor: Ramesh Thakur

Launched: 24 June 2009

Closed: 10 October 2011

515 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Update October 2011: Vox Cyclops is closed. It’s been a little over 2 years since the Vox Cyclops collective spruced up a City West property (which hadn’t had an ongoing tenant for 7 years) and opened the doors to an independent record store, studio and gallery space. Vox has developed a loyal following of collectors and enhanced the local and visiting music community immeasurably.

Under the ReNew temporary access agreements, Vox has been asked to move out to make way for a commercial lease. Local property owner Ramesh Thakur is pleased to have finally secured a tenant for the property, and is appreciative of the efforts Nick, Mark, Kane, Jarrod and co made to keep the property clean, activated and looked after while they were temporary custodians.

Vox have a closing down sale of 20-40% off records – see more details on their facebook or last chance to visit at 515 Hunter St. Keep in touch with Vox Cyclops and make online mailorders via their website.

Vox Cyclops is an independent record store specialising in Australian and international underground music, as well as a gallery showcasing experimental works by independent artists.

The gallery & shop space is currently still being fitted-out, a work in progress, so stay tuned for launch dates for the gallery space.

The space will also operate as a working artist studio for a group of artists working within different media(s) / disciplines including but not restricted to, sound art / music, painting / drawing, sculpture, photography and screen printing. The collective is loosely based around the Newcastle based independent record label Spanish Magic 

Spanish Magic has been running as a vital Newcastle based independent record label since 1999. Spanish Magic releases are now available throughout the US, Europe & Japan. All record covers shown on the website with the exception of Expansion Bay have been hand painted / screen printed / stenciled and using found materials.

The label has a main focus on Australian experimental music but has in the past branched out to bands from Canada (Cousins of Reggae), NZ (Expansion Bay), and the US (Egghatcher aka Robert Horton).

Vox Cyclops says:

We have over 10 future vinyl and cassette releases by Australian artists lined-up for this year and with the help of the Renew Newcastle project we’ll be in a position to improve our processes for cover art, and help these Australian independent bands make their music available in Newcastle and around the world.