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Vinyl Arcade

This Is Not Art Festival (Electrofringe) Exhibition

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Shop 45, Hunter St Mall, Newcastle NSW 2300

Thu 1 – Sun 4 Oct 2009, 3-6pm

UPDATE: October 2009

This project was a temporary exhibition as part of 2009 This Is Not Art Festival (Electrofringe) and has now left Newcastle. Check out the dualplover website for what you missed out on!

Vinyl Arcade is a participatory play-set, playing off vinyl fetishism, video arcade mystique and the machismo of motor sports. An immersive sound instrument putting you in the driver’s seat of a tiny remote control car with styli attached as it navigates its way through a landscape of disused vinyl records. A place where art, fun and competition meet in a giant cacophonous roar!

The artist invites you to bring any non essential vinyl with you to throw in the pit.

Devised by Lucas Abela with electrical engineering assistance by Frederick Rodrigues.

Co-presented by Electrofringe and Renew Newcastle for 2009 This Is Not Art Festival.

About the Artist

DJ Smallcock is another pseudonym for maverick sound performer Lucas Abela (Justice Yeldham). Bestowed on him by one dissatisfied, radio skid row listener. Rather than playing records, Abela was feeding back the radio signal into itself turning the station itself into a musical instrument. When the phone rang ‘get off the air smallcock’ was all that was said, as an unworldly howl emitted from 88.9 fm.

Initially an experimental turntablist, Abela’s work soon stopped resembling anything in the field, decks morphed into high-powered parodies of the genre and eventually into sheets of glass. His 15 plus year contribution to our auralsphere has seen him stab vinyl with Kruger style stylus gloves, bound on amplified trampolines, perform deaf defying duet duels with amplified samurai swords, hospitalised by high powered turntables, record chance John Peel sessions with the Flaming Lips, and most recently tour the world armed with nothing but a sheet of glass.

The Vinyl Arcade sees Abela come full circle to his turntablist roots but on a far grander scale. This installation combines vinyl fetishism and competitive sports. Imagine a racetrack constructed from a mass of disused vinyl records, where remote control cars with styli attached are raced by members of the crowd. A place where art, fun and competition meet in a giant cacophonous roar!