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Trine Deans

Visual Arts Studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Launched: 28 Oct 2009

Closed: 1 Jul 2010

Suite 4, Upstairs, 111 Hunter St

Trine Deans is a printmaking honcho. She delves into the past and resurrects images in a whirlwind of screen-printing gusto.

After four years of fine art study, Trine has finally been released into the steel city jungle, alone, but armed with some survival tactics. So she is often fossicking through sheets of old wallpaper, timber, tea stained paper – these are her canvases. Then, after a cigarette and much deliberation she selects and edits some fitting photographs from the early 1900’s. More often than not it’s women like Dietrich, Garbo, Kelly, and the Hepburns, they’re fanciful just like a good Suzanne Vega song.

Layering the final image is what pieces it all together through the composition of her prints she hopes to tell a story, a feeling or mood. But it rarely ends there – Trine enjoys making fitting scenes for her creations, like installations of red lit rooms crammed with mementos and memories from classic eras. Imagine your grandmother’s grandmother huddled on her floral 1920’s lounge surrounded by little tokens of her history. This is Trines style.

The word of Renew Newcastle has been on everyone lips, it’s a salvation to local artists and it’s worth having a look in. Trine jumped on the band-wagon just in time to claim a shared studio at Arthive. Tall and crowded, this building is a blast.

Invested in two moderate sized rooms is Trine, Davey and Bec along with their small school desks, art stashes and homely furniture bits. Trine dedicates her spare time to antique collecting, so is glad to have another pocket to bury her hoardings. It’s transforming to be a studio/lounge-room /screen-printing lab where they can work without the pressures of small unit spaces or nosey flatmates. Of course they are all still nosey, but under more professional guises.

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