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The Stage – Barbara Nanshe and Tony Langford


Address:  The Emporium, Newcastle
Hours: 10-4pm Wednesday and Saturday, 10-5pm Thursday and Friday
Property Donor: 
GPT/Urban Growth Group
4th October 2016

Barbara Nanshe
m:  +61 477 505 332

Who are you?
Barbara Nanshe is an artist and silversmith who uses sculpture and jewellery design to speak of her interest in the environment and the human condition. Barbara makes reference to the natural world, women’s anthology and the power of the elements in much of her pieces. Nanshe has been working as an exhibiting artist.

What are you doing at The Stage?
Under the Dreaming IV/Good Memories and Things I’d Rather Forget
Barbara Nanshe presents Lost Worlds a body of sculpture and Jewellery returning from the travelling exhibition Under the Dreaming from London, Berlin and Freiburg.  Barbara’s work uses symbols and references reminding us of our connection with not only the Australian Landscape, its changes and presence in our lives; but also the connection of spirit and nature as the controlling force playing out behind the scenes. Barbara makes the link between lost civilisations and the changes in the Australian Landscape.  The presence of the woven dolls symbolises the ritual of connection and giving thanks for “The mountain that Feeds Us” The dolls become wearable reminders to honour our connection and protect what is left of our natural places.  This work has been a part of the bigger, travelling exhibition Under the Dreaming for Creatives Abroad (Barbara Nanshe and Naomi Wild).
Tony Langford has consistently created his work with recycled board and found parts. They in themselves tell a story of domestic habitation and discarded times. His subjects are intrinsically self portraits. They speak of trying to be present in your life while experiencing emotional upheaval. This current body of work is about pausing in a moment in time, when you are on the cusp of major change, taking stock of the past and looking forward with excitement.