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The Project Space – Newcastle Full Metallic

Photographic Exhibition

Property Donor: GPT/Urban Growth Group

Launched: 15 April 2015

Closed: 9 May 2015

Who are you?
My name is Alex Radojevic and I’m a Child Psychiatrist with a deep interest in the interplay of human emotions, attachments and relationships, with an artistic interest in the Visual Arts and Live Theatre (especially drama and opera).

What do you do?
My artistic work involves being open and observant of scenes in ordinary life. I then sometimes find myself captured by the colours, shapes, layers or potential hidden meanings in an observed scene. This often extends to having particular emotional responses elicited.

It is only when I have a particularly strong reaction to a scene that I will then take one photographic image of the scene. This is very important to my work. I do not go around taking lots of photographs and then later look for “what works best”. There is only ever one image of a scene that has already captured my emotions in a strong way. It follows that I take very few camera images overall. Each image is then worked digitally and often by hand painting to try to bring out the meanings that my eye and emotions perceived at the time.

What are you using the Project Space for?
I will use the Project Space to display 36 images in a set called Newcastle Full Metallic.

Are you having an opening?
Yes, there will be an opening on Saturday 18th April at 2pm.