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The Project Space – My Life as a Tree

The five seasons of a woman’s life

Property Donor: GPT/Urban Growth Group

Launched: Thursday 26th March 2015

about The Project Space – My Life as a Tree

Who are you?
My name is Janet Steele and I am a fibre artist. I am returning to the Emporium where I previously managed “Cashmere and Silk”.

What do you do?
My work incorporates patchwork, quilting, smocking , embroidery, paper making and knotting using fibres dyed with leaves and gum nuts.

Tell us more about your exhibition in the Project Space
The exhibition title is My Life as a Tree, five seasons of a woman’s life. Each season has been based upon the dominant tree from each location where I have lived. This includes the snow gum in NSW, the blue gum of Tasmania, and the oak tree of Scotland where Janet now resides, on the Isle of Bute in the Forth of Clyde.

When is your opening?
My opening is on Thursday 26th March at 4pm, closing at 5pm. The exhibition will be officially opened by Helen Cummings, Newcastle’s International Woman of the Year 2014. My exhibition will be there until 11th April.