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The Project Space – My House is One of Many


Property Donor: GPT/Urban Growth Group

Launched: 21st February 2015

about The Project Space – My House is One of Many

Who are you?
I am an artist in the Newcastle area using various techniques. Presently I have been using photography to find the essence of a place or community. The social landscape holds my interest and therefore my work tends to have a suburban feel to it. This involves working from the subconcious and therefore expressing myself through memory and feeling. As well as an artist I review work in galleries as The Layman Reviewer. This has become a large part of my creative career allowing me to observe and reflect on the art of others.

What can we see in your exhibition in The Project Space?
An exhibition of my recent photographs, paintings and printmaking images. This has been an online exhibition I would like to bring into the community. While sitting in the space I also intend to work at my practice of printmaking as this is a portable method with no mess. This idea will encourage the general public to engage with the process.

Why do you want to be involved with Renew Newcastle?
I have participated in the Renew Newcastle project previously and have found the initiative great for both the artist and the general public. The people that walk throught The Emporium are not necessarily the people you will see in a gallery and I think it is important to connect with them. My idea as an artist and reviewer is to make art accessible and interesting to all. Also I believe Renew has made Newcastle a vibrant, spirited city attracting visitors from afar and I would like to contribute to this appreciated concept.