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Goat Bunt Creative Studios


Address:  Wolfe Studios, Level 1, 153 Hunter St Mall, Newcastle
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: Iris Capital
Launched: 22 April 2014
Closed:  17 October 2017

Zackari Watt
e: [email protected]

The Follower Studios are a multi-faceted “creative industries” focused studio HQ with a strong focus on performing & visual arts.

At this very moment The Follower Studios has 3 directors, Zackari Watt, Marigold Pazar & Zana Kobayashi; 3 x extreme babes (of varying natures) working to establish & maintain a strong & crisp foundation, crisp like a delicious apple for example, with a rich & constant vim (look it up, bro).

As an entity we have deep creative roots in the Morrow Park Arts Hub that burnt down last year & a looong history in events production, visual arts, music, theatre & much, much other juicy creative endeavour both in Newcastle & at a national level from a Newy base.

Our (beautiful!) new studio with Renew is a fresh new multi-project arts hub, a HQ & creative resource for a large, ever-evolving, fluid, local, project driven arts collective.

We have so far up & running at our new HQ; a fully functional film & photography studio, a well-stocked & fully functional costume room – with sewing & costume making facilities, a combined production (for film & photography) & musical composition suite, an actor’s workshop space, creative meeting/brainstorming space & one large, sunny work room with 3 x large communal desks.

Across all the projects & different creative sessions happening here at the moment there are currently around 20 regular users of the space. This number is quite rapidly growing.

Current projects under The Follower Studios
Actor’s Room – a weekly actor’s workshop with a focus on acting for film, audition preparation & producing show reel material.

Performers Workshop Group – a weekly brainstorming/workshopping meet for a burgeoning local performance group. This space is also being used for rehearsals for forthcoming plays by local theatre company “Pencil Case Productions”.

Film – we are currently in post-production on a glorious rock opera epic, “Epic Glory of the Mighty Stag” which we filmed in the Broken Hill desert last year. We also have numerous other film projects at various stages of production.

Photography – our photography studio is currently being used for at least 4-5 shoots a week & growing.

Design – we are currently working on a number of posters & catalogs & such for local businesses & also a range of photographic show flyer themed wine labels for a vineyard in the Barossa Valley – just for a couple of examples.

Print Media – a v frik’n exciting monthly arts publication for Newcastle distributed within The Leader newspaper.

Festivals & Attractions – one of the newest projects to come under the The Follower umbrella is the creation of a v cool Caravan Cabaret Stage (& show) for national festivals. We also have a bicycle powered bar & carousel project in the workings & a growing props warehouse project in a nearby inner-city warehouse.

Events, performances & installations – we also use the The Follower HQ to manage a series of ongoing events, performances & installations that we co-ordinate at various venues & events around town.

Music & Composition – we have a suite here at our HQ sharing the duties of film & photography editing & small-scale musical production. Apart from the composition related to the various film projects running from the studio this space is also currently used by several local musicians & producers for smaller scale music projects.

In the coming months, alongside everything mentioned above, we will also begin hosting numerous project specific workshops, production gatherings & multi-dimensional, lightning fueled (ideally) creative brainstorming sessions & such like on a regular basis.

What inspired you to get involved with Renew Newcastle?

Last year The Morrow Park Arts Hub & an amazing pool of creative resources accumulated by hundreds of people working on hundreds of projects over the last 8 years was lost in a single fell swoop to a devastating fire. This was a hefty blow to a great many arts practitioners & creators in Newcastle. A valuable arts hub & creative haven for the Newcastle community was lost.

“The Moz” occupied a very unique position in the Newcastle landscape – both in a creative & cultural capacity & in a geographical sense – & many aspects of this cannot be reproduced/reinitiated (& yet others possibly ought not be!) but to reinvigorate some aspect of this is a large part of our initiative.

Though this loss was certainly a hard hit there also exists a great sense of fresh opportunity from the event; an opportunity to reinvent, to refocus, to grow & to improve creative practice & output, with renewed focus & vigor.

Renew has offered us an opportunity to do all of this & to plant some fresh new creative seeds right in the heart of the city.

Thank the good Lords/Ladies (of Thunder etc) above for Renew & all projects world-over alike, humanity would be lost without such efforts, for real.

Our Overarching Mission
To many & in many ways the city of Newcastle is a potent creative beacon on the Australia-wide cultural landscape, always – even if not ever at the visible surface – there exists here a veritably pulsating undercurrent of creative energy (reach out & touch it if you can!)

Our humble intent is to enable, facilitate, stimulate, inspire, unite, ignite, re-light – to positively provoke in whatever little way/s we humbly can that beautiful pulse.