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The Emporium Galleria

Latest works from Renew Newcastle studio artists

Property Donor: The GPT Group & Urban Growth

Launched: 22 Nov 2012

Closed: 10 Aug 2013

about The Emporium Galleria

UPDATE AUGUST 2013 The Emporium, the site where The Gallery has been located, has temporarily moved out of the former David Jones site to enable the owner to complete some building works on the ground floor. We are looking forward to moving back into the space under a new configuration. We are still drawing up some plans, but we expect that there will be a similar number of boutique RN shops and galleries, and we expect to re-open again in a couple of months. You can sign up to the RN e-news (top right of page) to find out when the new space will re-open.

The Galleria welcomes you at the main entrance of The Emporium, offering revolving exhibitions by Renew Newcastle studio artists and special shows.

Current Exhibition

Exhibiting 1-10 August: Winged Things by Sarah Louisa from Paper Kitschen, Jo Dyer and Lu Quade.


Three local artists with birds and nature as a recurring theme in their work respond to the theme “Winged Things”. New illustrative and multimedia works by Sarah Louisa, Jo Dyer and Lu Quade. Birds and owls, feathers and diaphanous membranes, beauty queens and killer bees.

Sarah_Louisa_Killer_Queen_Bee_2013_sml Sarah Louisa is a RN studio artist with a fascination with paper, nature, tall tales and tiny details.

Sarah’s works are based on original drawings that are cut into paper by hand with a sharp blade. Sarah has always been creative but only recently discovered the traditions of paper art and fell in love with the challenge of translating drawings into intricate hand cut paper illustrations and 3D forms.

Jo_Dyer_2012_ Jo Dyer is a RN studio artist who draws paints & dabbles in various different media. Through her work Jo explores themes of connection and how the attachments we make, whether real or imaginary, both define and confine us.

Birds are a recurring theme in Jo’s work & often represent the desire for simplicity or freedom from the everyday complexities of human existence. Having the ability to fly is likened to a kind of transcendence and the desire to ascend one’s clouded thinking and see things with greater perspective.

Lu_Quade_king_owl_2012 Luke Wade (aka Lu Quade) drew and painted a lot as a kid, but stopped at the beginning of high-school to concentrate on getting beaten up and learning to play the guitar. Many years passed… a few years ago his little girl Rose arrived. Largely as an attempt to kick a video gaming habit, and engage in a more creative activity that he could share with Rose, he began to draw again.

So far this has led to the creation hundreds of owls, owls dressed as monsters, monsters dressed as owls, some of which you might see as paste-ups, stickers and magnets secreted around Newcastle.

Upcoming 2013

This Is Not Art festival ‘Artists Shop’ 3-6 October

New works by Madeleine Cruise + Jacqueline Larcombe 7-30 November

Also in The Galleria

Wonder! At the Cabinet of Curiosities, a delight of changing installations by Renew Newcastle specialty boutiques Make Space, Strip of a Lifetime and Odditorium.

Witness! The Graduate Hall of Fame, where we profile Renew Newcastle shop and gallery projects which have ‘graduated’ to take on their own commercial leases in the city. After you have finished exploring The Emporium take a wander to visit and support these other local creative businesses.

Discover! The Emporium site design features a hand rendered ‘wonder wall’ of interactive designs thanks to our friends Zookraft and Pocket Design, with added visual displays from Hunter Design School. We don’t want to give away the surprises, but there are plenty of opportunities for you to play, to dream, and prepare for more adventures in Newcastle.

Permanent Exhibition 0-100: The Projects of Renew Newcastle


A retrospective celebrating the more than 100 creative projects which have been supported by Renew Newcastle, in tribute to each spark of creative ingenuity that has helped brighten Newcastle’s CBD.

Curator Belinda Howden has trawled the organisations photographic archive to profile every project, presenting a stunning exhibition design in collaboration with Headjam Creative Agency. More information

Past Exhibitions

Exhibition 4-27 July 2013: Ghosts by Kate Parker

Banner_ghosts_kateparker Through a combination of photography, illustration, abstraction and meditative drawing Ghosts explores memory and place.

Artist Statement: “The exhibition Ghosts is an exploration of memory and place, often specific to Newcastle. The works are collages including elements of photography, illustration, abstraction and meditative drawing. Each work is either linked to a strong memory or a period of lengthy silence and meditation as part of the drawing process.”

Kate Parker is an artist and educator. Her work since graduating from Newcastle University as a sculpture major has moved from working in 3D forms to 2D work including illustration, photography, drawing and public art. See more of Kate’s work.

Exhibition 30 May – 29 June 2013: Little Connections by Jo Dyer

JDyer2013_Wrap Little Connections is a collection of mixed media work that explores the invisible threads we make (and break) within ourselves and between each other.

A recurring theme in Jo’s recent work is her use of colourful and abstract detail to depict a complex inner realm of thought and feeling. Through her work, Jo contemplates this invisible world of tangled up attachment and explores how our emotional, psychological and spiritual ties define us.

Jo is a local artist that draws, paints and dabbles in various media. She has a day job, a cute dog, and a Renew Newcastle studio space. She occasionally writes about these things here .

Exhibition 10 − 26 Jan 2012: Guts by Grant Hunter & Sarah Mould

A tiny exhibition of revolting new works by icky power couple and Renew Newcastle studio artists Grant Hunter and Sarah Mould. Featuring original drawings, paintings, artist prints and sudden brutal disembowlment.

gallery sarah Sarah Mould likes to paint, draw and screen print girls and boys and animals and some other stuff too. She was co-director of the Renew Newcastle supported artist run exhibition space ARThive from 2010-2012. In her spare time she is terribly mysterious, enjoys indoor plants, cats and collecting junk.

Grant Hunter is an artist, illustrator and street vigilante based in Newcastle. He is a prolific doodler influenced by superhero comic books, childhood cartoons, horror movies, and unpopular music. He has a Bachelor Of Fine Art from The University Of Newcastle and was co-founder and Director of the Renew Newcastle supported ARThive gallery space from 2009-2012. He has never had a good haircut and still dresses like it’s 1990.›

Exhibition 20 Dec – 5 Jan 2012: New Stories by Sam Hughes

gallery sam Working with figure and form as subject matter, these works are with printer’s waste ink, wax stick or oil stick. The surface is waste banner substrate. This is a new direction for Sam. After traveling to Europe in 2010 and observing works from Delacroix, Monet and Rubin, Sam set about exploring the expression of real happiness.

Exhibition 6 −15 Dec 2012: Natalickit Sticks-it & Paper Kitschen

034Festive_Follies_13-12-2012_image_by_Boony_Loahajaroenyot NataLickiT SticksiT is the label of graphic designer Natalie Chater. Natalie creates custom designed handmade stickers for Roller Derby communities worldwide. Natalie produces her designs into various mediums such as vinyl cut stickers, signage, wall decals, print, and wearable art such as clothing and jewellery.

gallery paper Paper Kitschen is the label of local artist Sarah Louisa, mostly working with paper: handmade paper cut illustration, paper collage and paper sculpture.

Studio space with Renew Newcastle has enabled Sarah to work collaboratively with other artists and on a much larger scale, creating paper dioramas, photosets and theatrical props.

Together they make up Renew Newcastle project CUT.STICK

Exhibition 22 Nov – 1 Dec 2012: Railways Illustrated by David Hampton

gallery david An exhibition of recent work by artist and illustrator David Hampton. Included are large scale silkscreen prints produced to decorate a full sized operational steam locomotive called ‘Marjorie’. Also on display will be prints exploring Newcastle’s long forgotten Trams, as well as works celebrating maritime melodramas and scrimshaw leviathans.

Meet the artist at The Emporium Official Opening on Thurs 29 Nov 2012, 4-6.30pm

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