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The Chop Shop Clinic

Sticker Design & Hand-cut Paper Art

Property Donor: The GPT Group

about The Chop Shop Clinic

A love of a sharp blade brings Natalie Chater and Sarah Dunn together in a studio and exhibition space called The Chop-Shop Clinic.

Natalie creates creates custom designed, and handmade stickers for the Roller Derby community under the label NataLickiT SticksiT. “I work closely with each person to gain a sense of their Roller Derby personality. Working closely with different clients locally and around the world I have developed a strong sense of how to produce unique designs specifically for the individual. I produce my designs into various mediums such as print, wearable art such as clothing and jewellery. My designs have a strong typography and design base with an element of illustration, and the use of humour, to give the designs their unique quality”, explains Natalie.

Sarah Dunn, under the label Paper Kitschen, creates intricate hand-cut paper art, paper sculpture and prints, and wearable art made from recycled materials. Sarah says, “I love making things by hand with lots of detail. My art has a strong graphic quality meandering between illustration, design, kitsch, handmade crafts and fine art. When I’m not creating, chopping up or collecting things for an art market or show I work in an academic library.”

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

Natalie: Since following the Renew Newcastle project initiative from the beginning. It has been a huge source of inspiration in my own business aspirations. It’s the initiative this city has needed for a long time and I wanted to get on board. I love how it has helped Newcastle grow. I wanted to be involved so I could be a part of that growth. Sharing this opportunity with the local businesses that have emerged through the roller derby community. I wanted to have a space to work collaboratively with the like minded creatives.

Sarah: Renew Newcastle has brought new life to the local creative community and the city’s languishing buildings in a way that really works. Renew Newcastle creates incredible opportunities for starting artists by providing low cost and self managed spaces to meet, create, collaborate and promote their work. My first involvement in Renew Newcastle was when a friend encouraged me to participate in a little group show at ArtHive, and from that moment I began to realise a viable art career with group shows, exhibitions, markets and retail interest, and the opportunities keep coming!

Since the start of Renew Newcastle we have seen how it has broken down the obstacles for creative ventures in Newcastle.

What are you doing in your new space?

We both have a dire need for more studio space to work on a larger scale, and there is definitely a lot of room to work with here which is allowing us to think big! The Chop Shop Clinic will be our studio and collaborative work space where we can meet and work with others on amazing projects as well as a small exhibition and retail space. We are very excited that will have space at the Clinic not only to work and collaborate but also to workshop skills with others and showcase our wares.

Tell us about the space…

The space was most recently a hearing clinic, and it definitely has that clinical vibe with its reception area and consultation rooms, it even still has some medical trolleys and a reception desk. We are working with that rather than try to fight it! There is a fantastic glass entry that we can’t wait to decorate. It is in a great spot right in the middle of the mall on the upper level behind Rivers and surrounded by several Renew project with Shannon Hartigan and Strip of a Lifetime a few doors down and Odditorium Vintage, ARTHive and Make Space just a laneway away.

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