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The Beanstalk Organic Food Co-op

Property Donor: GPT

Launched: 10 Mar 2009

Closed: 28 Jun 2011

3 Morgan St Newcastle NSW

UPDATE 1 JUN 2011 Beanstalk has moved to a permanent location at St Andrews Church, 31 Church St, Mayfield, in order to better service their membership, who are living west of the city. If you’re interested in having fresh produce still available in the city centre – they are looking to form a Newcastle ‘node’. Please register your interest: [email protected]


The beanstalk was established two years ago by three friends who were concerned at the lack of access to healthy and safe food for the community. Most people they knew cited affordability as the reason they could not eat organically. There was also very little support given to farmers practicing environmentally sound agriculture in the Hunter region, with certification and transportation costs the main issues for small farm businesses.

The Hunter Valley is a rich and diverse organic agricultural centre, however little of the produce actually gets into Newcastle for a price that is accessible to all. The niche organic market that exists in the region is on the whole out of reach of low-income earners (students, pensioners, single-parent families etc).

A dialogue began with a farmer and the beanstalk organic food was established. From its humble beginnings on a veranda to its current location at the Renew Newcastle headquarters, the organisation has flourished. Its members now have access to affordable, healthy and local produce and we support at least four local and sustainable farmers each week. This benefits the Hunter Valley farmers, our urban community and ultimately, our earth.

Beanstalk uses Renew Newcastle’s Morgan Street headquarters as a storage and distribution point for their weekly organic food distribution.

4.30-7.30pm every Tuesday.

For more information about what they do and how to get involved visit their web site.