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Surfhouse Photography

Retail – Photography

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Launched: 6 Apr 2009

Closed: 10 Oct 2009

100 Hunter St Mall, Newcastle NSW 2300


UPDATE MAR 2012 Surfhouse Photography has relocated from a Renew Newcastle shopfront to take on a commercial lease at 61 Hunter Street, Newcastle. After more than two years trading from that shopfront, Surfhouse Photography closed its doors in early 2012.

Surfhouse Photography is a Newcastle-based company retailing coastal images of Newcastle and surrounding surf beaches, breaks and surf culture and images based on the region and the east coast of Australia.

We have a stable of quality local surf photographers with the principal photographer being owner and manger Alexandra Thompson.

“I found Renew Newcastle an ideal way to have a retail outlet for my business, which i may not have been able to have any other way,” says Alex. “ I am really enjoying being in the space, and having the chance to further my business skills.”