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Steel City Collective

Creative Event Management

Property Donor: Invictus Pty Ltd

Launched: 28 Jul 2013

Closed: 31 Jan 2014

about Steel City Collective

Who are you?
My name is Eryn With a Why and for the past 8 months I have been running Steel City Collective – a collaborative group of artists and musicians taking on various creative contracts including live art, theatre and music, facilitating workshops, creating artworks and murals by commission, graphic design, event management, promotion, photography and modelling (promotional and photographic). We pride ourselves on being flexible and meeting client and community demands, often working outside of our areas of expertise and with a diverse range of people.

What do you do?
At present there are approximately 20 contributors including fine artists, illustrators, designers, DJs, producers, sculptors, street artists, performers, authors and photographers. We consider any creative contract and have worked on a broad range of projects from graffiti walls and youth workshops to corporate identities and everything in between for clients including The Pizza Hub, Newcastle Youth Council, Groovin The Moo, The International Bodyboarding Association Australasia, Seasoned Music, Jurassic Lounge and various individuals and local businesses.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
After a ten week stint at the Australian Museum performing as a group, we needed a space to work as well as show and sell our art. For myself, I needed office space for administration, to organise future events, meet with clients, promote the group and complete design projects. Renew provided a chance for this to happen without the commitment or financial strain of signing a commercial lease before testing the viability of the project. The Renew model appealed to me because of it’s sustainable premise – disused spaces are re-activated and made attractive to commercial tenants, young or new creative business owners are given subsidised working space and the community and city centre grows in a positive, inclusive way.

Tell us about your space.
The space provided for us by Renew is in West End – it’s a large retail space fronting Hunter Street close to cafes, bars and Newcastle’s famous Hamburger Haven. The space is approximately 90 square metres and prior to being disused was formerly The Catholic Emporium. It took 3 weeks of 12 – 13 hour days to rip the carpet up, clean and sand the floorboards, lacquer and paint before hanging our work on the walls.