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Smack Bang

Art, fashion, jewellery and homewares by Sophia Flegg

Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

Launched: 9 November 2012

Closed: 10 May 2013

about Smack Bang

UPDATE MAY 2013 Smack Bang has closed, but Sophia Flegg is of course still painting. Keep in touch via Facebook.

Smack Bang is the second signature store for pop culture portraitist Sophia Flegg. Smack Bang vibrantly displays art and other stuff that has a quirky urban vibe that figuratively slaps you around the head for attention. Currently the galllery is showing Sophia’s latest art from her most recent solo Sydney show at Platform 72, along with retro comics, Mexican street inspired homewares and jewellery and one off t-shirts from Crooked Teeth Club.


I am a Novocastrian artist, designer, hyper colour enthusiast and general creative. Smack Bang started as a space for the overflow of paintings I was churning out, but once I painted the walls the space has demanded I fill it with more stuff. Everything revolves around the paintings; the hand made neck pieces and studded leathered good as based on the colours and shapes of my paintings.

The paintings are majorly spray paint, oil and canvas and are street style portraits, animals and city scapes. They are painted on canvas, recycled wood and other neat things I can find. The jewellery is made of found objects, recycled paper beads and anything that is obnoxiously bright.

I also use clay to make Mexican inspired pendants and wall hangings and vintage leather is studded and remade into more over the top jackets. Basically Smack Bang is what would happen if you could get far enough into my ear to view my mind.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

I birthed former Renew store; The Woods last year with two other co-partners but ‘Smack Bang’ is solely my idea and space. I make most things that will be stocked in ‘Smack Bang’ by hand, late at night by candle light- so having a store in a space filled with other roots level creatives is the best place for pro DIY stuff like mine.

Do you have any memories of the old DJs building you can share, and history with the space?

I remember the biscuits. There was a whole section just for biscuits; how bizarre is that? I don’t think there is such a high demand for biscuits these days. Maybe that was David’s undoing. My Ma worked in DJ’s for years in the fancy clothing section and Dad had an aversion to any X-mas shopping that wasn’t in The Mall so biscuits came with everything in December.

Any comments about the particular space you have, why you like it?

I am honestly always up for a renovating challenge, so if Renew had given me an extra large cardboard box I would have been amped to start the renovations, but when I saw ‘The Emporium’ layout- I was stoked. “Bravo Renew, you cheeky rascals”, I thought. Securing such an old, iconic building was brilliant.