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Sian Edwards

Jewellery and Object Artist

Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

Launched: 15 March 2014

Closed: 8/12/14

Suite 76, Level 2, Market Square Commercial Centre, Hunter St Mall, Newcastle.

By Appointment

Contact: Sian Edwards e: [email protected]

PROJECT UPDATE: Sian has joined creative forces with a fellow Renew graduate – Eleanor Hanlon – moving to share a space at 754 Hunter Street. After spending a lot of her Renew studio time working on a solo show that opened in Adelaide in October 2014, Sian is now able to continue her work in her new home!

Who are you?
My name is Sian Edwards. I am a jewellery and object artist/designer originally from Sydney.

What do you do?
I make handmade one-off jewellery and objects for exhibition and small collections of jewellery for retail. Using a pair of tweezers, my current work transforms ready-made materials such as brass mesh and metal sequins into renderings based on animals. I access collections, museums and zoos to technically inform my work.

Inspired by a recent trip to India and the many hand made processes I encountered, my work’s direction is moving toward an even more handmade approach. I am currently working on making my own mesh by hand referencing craft techniques such as zardozi and embroidery.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
I had heard about Renew Newcastle in Sydney and thought it was a fantastic initiative. When we decided to move up to Newcastle, I was keen to get in contact with Renew Newcastle to find a space. Having a Renew Newcastle studio space not only provides me with a place to make work, but also connects me with a diverse collective of creative people in Newcastle, which is fantastic for somebody new to the area.

Project profile
I have a few projects on this year, so it is great to get into a studio space and into a routine. I have a solo show in October at Grey Street Workshop, Adelaide. I will also be part of a group exhibition with two Sydney based jewellers toward the end of the year. We plan to exhibit in both Sydney and Newcastle. So I have a lot of new work to make. I will also be working on my more retail based collections and general re-stock of my current work. You can find my jewellery at Studio 20/17 in Sydney and Pieces of Eight in Melbourne.

Tell us about the space.
My space is a small light filled room above Market Square. My new neighbours are a mix of artists, designers and architects. I will be directly next door to Elenor Hanlon who shares an interest in jewellery and object, which I think is a great match.