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Sarah Mould


Property Donor: The GPT Group & Urban Growth

Launched: 2010

Closed: 12 June 2015

Suite 3, Upstairs, 111 Hunter St Mall (off Morgan St), Newcastle

Contact: Sarah Mould e: [email protected]


I paint, draw, print and sew all kinds of things. My work is typically based on things that I’m intrigued in at the time which is almost always a variety of animal, person, plant, food or imagined creature.

I’m interested in the mundane and pop culture and my work is currently gravitating more towards illustration than fine arts. I don’t necessarily associate this aesthetic focus with beauty but more with things that are visually stimulating or appealing to me. Most things I create look grimy and repulsive to an extent or bizarrely cute, sometimes despite my best intentions.


In the space you will find me drawing, colouring in, painting, gocco printing, drinking tea and staring at things.

I started a body of work last year based upon recluses and I haven’t really finished exploring that theme yet, but in the meantime I’ve completed a small series of large scale paintings for an exhibition at Terrarium Gallery, drawn a heap of pictures of cats and I’m currently working on a series of watercolour/pencil drawings influnced by Australiana, particularly animals and plants.

My studio enables me to create large scale works, to illustrate on my computer and to draw without my cats climbing all over me. For this, I am so very grateful.