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Rebecca Holmes

Visual Arts Studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Suite 4, Upstairs, 111 Hunter St

Rebecca Noel Holmes is a painter, desperately trying to break free from realistic landscape painting.

Rebecca paints and draws. She tells us her new space is “beautiful, very well lit with 3 lovely big windows, perfect for a painter”. She says the new space will give her the opportunity and the space to make a start on the many projects she’s been jotting down in her notebook over the past few years.

Rebecca completed her Honours year at University of Newcastle at the end of 2010. The exhibition of her honours work took place at Watt Space Gallery 9-27 March 2011 as the “String of Sirens” exhibition. The body of work featured exacting large scale portraits of local female artists and women in the arts community.

See the Newcastle Herald coverage on 10 March 2010 here.

Rebecca told us recently: “It’s a bit sad coming to the end of my time with Renew Newcastle. The studio space has been amazing, I think i spent more time dancing around on my own in there at 4 in the morning than actually painting, but it was great all the same and I really couldn’t have finished my body of work without it. Excuse me getting all nostalgic on you.”