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  • Image by Adam Smith

PumpHouse Productions


Address:  Suite 120, Level 2, 152-160 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: GPT/Urban Growth Group
Launched: 20 August 2015
Closed:  30 March 2016

Juraj Kefecek
m: 0410 716 682
e: [email protected]

Who are Pump House Pro?
“We’re just two overgrown children”.

The team here at the PumpHouse puts special focus on keeping the experience smooth. If we are filming your scene for a music video or your busy office for an advertisement, we believe that if art is enjoyable when being made then art will sell ‘or sell products’. Professionalism is key, focus is essential, planning is crucial and if everyone is relaxed everything will get done.

Juraj Kefecek: Sound engineer/producer, photographer and culture observer.
You know those people you meet at a bandmate’s house over a jam? The ones with a little more wisdom (time) who can recount tales of jamming with everyone from your mate’s band to your father’s local favourites, back in the day. The guy who has run the sound at that pub you love and while he tells you about it gets sidetracked talking about his time touring Japan…that’s Juraj. He’s been there beside the locals as they rise, pushing up the levels and hitting record. He’s been in the business, he’s worked around the industry and he’s jammed with the kings so when he sets his sights on an arts project, he knows just how to get it done.

“You have to keep your files ordered man. I know it’s boring but when you’re cataloguing a decade of live recordings you need order dude” Juraj Kefecek July 2015.

Nate Bell: Film editor, creator and people watcher.
“Apparently I’m some sort of sentient being. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m having a good time, so it’s good. I like taking cameras into intense situations, it’s a real challenge. If I can keep the camera rolling whilst knowing what’s on my left, who’s on my right and what that bang was down the street…that’s pretty exciting work. It’s important to me to be active in the growth and wellbeing of my community, that means Earth, where we all are…it’s a nice place”.

What do you do?
Pump House Pro have a range of skills to draw upon when working creatively. Whether filming a wedding or editing a music video the knowledge is there to do the job right – film editing, special effects, musical composition, graphic design and more

Tell us about your space?
When I first walked into the office the layout of the room reminded me of a GP’s office. It’s very much an office space and it’s a good one. The location really blows my mind. When I walk out the front into the small enclave of Hunter Street Mall we are in , I like it. The view to the mall is unreal and the elevator is my favourite thing in the world.

Newcastle is changing, the foot traffic is flowing down new streets and people want a different setting for their down time. Lots of people will simply enjoy the changing dynamic but Nate and Juraj are a little more ambitious. With feet planted firmly on the street and staring forward, the question we’re asking is what can we give to this.

This time-lapse video, taken by PumpHouse Productions, is from the latest Renew walk, enjoy!