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Pigtails & Pirates


Address:  Suite 1, Level 1, Marketsquare, 113-145 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: Iris Capital
Launched: 12 June 2015

Laura Jones
m: 0404498922
e: [email protected]
v: Pigtails & Pirates by Moz Waters

Who are you?
I am the owner of a Newcastle based fashion label called Pigtails & Pirates

What do you do?
I design and make ladies 1950’s inspired clothing. I love clothing of that era with its feminine silhouettes – but also because clothing was well made and valued back then – something that I want my customers to think about when they purchase from me

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
Being surrounded by other creatives, networking with other business that would work well with mine

What are you doing in your new space?

Designing and creating items for my 50’s inspired ladies fashion label. I also share the space with Jessica from Bippy Jean who makes Mens Western shirts. Our products perfectly compliment each other.