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NonStop Paints

Stu McDonald Artist Studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group

about NonStop Paints

UPDATE: JANUARY 2013 Stu McDonald has joined forces with Blair Howard to morph NonStop Paints into a new project, Will Did.

I’m Stu McDonald and by trade I’m a Graphic Designer, but hours in front of a computer don’t really compare to the fun of getting covered in paint and making something with my hands, rather than a cursor. By day, I teach Visual Communication over at UoN, and by night I freelance, paint and make delicious sour cream, sweet chilli sauce & cheese toasted sandwiches.

The Craft I have been painting with stencils, brush, aerosol, pen, & ink for the last 4 years, within the restrictive size of my own home. I enjoy using recycled / found materials to paint onto, such as vinyl records, timber etc. I also work with acrylic, paint marker pens and ink. Plus, I have an ongoing love affair with printmaking as well, which is going to fight with my stencils for space in the studio. I love the freedom of working to my own brief with each artwork, as opposed to other client driven work.

What’s so good about Renew Newcastle? I’ve grown up with Newcastle’s CBD being dingy and only a step away from tumbleweeds rolling through Hunter St Mall. The opportunity that Renew Newcastle offers to bring people & interest back into town is really exciting, and the fact that the otherwise abandoned spaces are being occupied by creative people making wonderful things is even better. Secondly, the chance to have a dedicated space where my primary focus could be painting & drawing is a dream come true.

The Space What am I doing in my new space? Making a mess. A wonderful, colourful mess. And I intend to expand the scale of my current projects; drawing out, & cutting up stencils, working on tiny, intricate details on some rather huge canvases. If an opportunity arises to sell my paintings commercially, that’s a bonus – I just love having a dedicated studio space for painting, instead of constantly rearranging my home to accommodate a day of painting, between my other design projects, bed & general living space.

Despite working with spray paint a lot of the time, I’m not a graff artist. I’ve got so much respect for some of the amazing artists out there like Phibbs & Reka etc, but I work mainly on canvas or wood, and only occasionally wall pieces. As a result, I tend to work with bright colors and light hearted concepts, cute pattern and experimental typography.

I’m in a studio known as the The Bolt Hole – I’m not sure who came up with the name, but it does fit well. It’s a place for me to escape / hide from normal life and consume myself with making pretty / scary things. I’m lucky enough to have a sink in the studio, so I can wash out screens. To be honest, the studio is small enough that two people working in there would be tricky, and all the lino has been torn up, just leaving some wicked old floorboards. I’ve been trying to work out what the space was used for previously, but so far I have no idea what else you would do with a small ‘L’ shaped room with a sink, and a small raised level near the back. I’m open to suggestions, though.

Contact the artist: [email protected]