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Nicole Chaffey

visual artist studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Launched: 18 Jun 2009

Closed: 21 Apr 2010

Suite 1, Upstairs, 111 Hunter St

Contact: Nicole Chaffet: [email protected]

Nicole Chaffey is an oil painter recently graduated from the Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at Newcastle Art School and currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Art at Newcastle University.

Nicole tells us what she thinks about the ARThive gallery and The Hive Studios:

I’m looking forward to broadening my art practice in 2009 and feel that being involved in a group project and being surrounded by like-minded people in my workspace will enhance my ability to forge some new ideas and new directions in my personal work.

I plan to use the space regularly, both during the week on my class free days and on weekends, to produce a large body of work which will eventually be made up of at least thirty paintings, exploring themes that arose from “Terra”, my latest completed series of paintings, some of which are pictured.”