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Newcastle Productions


Address: Suite 49, Level 1, 164-170 Hunter St, Newcastle
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: Hilton Seskin
Launched: 19 February 2013

Trevor Dickinson
e: [email protected]

A studio for illustrator and printmaker Trevor Dickinson, whose drawings of landmarks and urban landscapes have stolen all of our hearts since he started drawing Newcastle four years ago. Adorning tea-towels, coffee mugs, magnets and postcards, Trevor’s loving and humourous illustrations are the best Newcastle souvenirs we’ve seen, featuring famous houses with faces, the hundred most interesting Newcastle letterboxes, iconic bus-stops, and more!

His is also the hand behind large interactive photo background murals at the new Newcastle Museum and the underpass at Newcastle Beach. As if he’s not busy enough being Newcastle’s unofficial picture-poet-laureate he has since started working on a Canberra and Sydney series.

Who are you? Trevor Dickinson

What do you do? I draw pictures of cities and make them into prints, tea towels and cards.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle? I’ve always had a home studio And I wanted to try working in a space that was away from home, in the hope that I could keep regular hours.  I also wanted to have a base in the centre of Newcastle without spending too much money.

What are you doing in your new space? I want to concentrate on drawing new work. I will also display and sell work by appointment.  There is also a good foyer in the space and the hope is to have occasional exhibitions. I don’t know what my rooms were used for, but the view is lovely and i can see ships going by.The building is also in a great location in town.