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Newcastle Morning Photos Exhibition at Nobbys Head

Property Donor: NSW Government through Lands and Property Management Authority

about Newcastle Morning Photos Exhibition at Nobbys Head

Renew Newcastle is pleased to announce a new location in our repertoire of re-opened shop fronts, studios and galleries; an iconic site that will see Renew Newcastle expand from the streets to the entrance of the harbour itself.

The Site

The NSW Government through Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) have invited us to activate the Signal Master’s Cottage at the Nobbys Head Lighthouse site, on a series of Open Days in February and March.

Despite being a key tourism landmark and postcard location the Lighthouse site has been admired only from afar: the site itself has been closed to the public for over 100 years, but Minister for the Hunter and Member for Newcastle Jodi McKay was keen to see the site accessible for Newcastle people.

While the future long term activity of the site is being considered, public access via a series of Open Days has been made a priority. In co-operation with LPMA, Renew Newcastle is excited to participate in these public visits to the site with a series of temporary projects.

The Signal Master’s Cottage is one of three accommodation buildings at the site of Nobbys Head Lighthouse. The cottages have been vacant since 2001, when the last of the Signal Tower live-in caretakers moved out.

We plan to resuscitate the Signal Master’s Cottage with its first use in ten years: a photographic exhibition of Newcastle moments, captured by Novocastrians.

The Exhibition

Newcastle Morning Photos are images taken by everyday Novocastrians of everyday Newcastle. Individually they represent one person’s unique Newcastle moment. Together they encapsulate the diversity and idiosyncratic nature of living in this one-of-a-kind city.

The newcastlemorningphoto group was originally formed on Twitter under the hashtag #newcastlemorningphoto in August 2010 by ABC1233 Newcastle radio’s Afternoon announcer Carol Duncan, after seeing other Twitter users tag photos of their own home towns.

A group was set up a short time later on Flickr by The Novocastrian Files editor Siobhan Curran as a way of permanently capturing many of the photos that were streaming through.

Renew Newcastle asked Carol and Siobhan to collaborate on exhibiting some of the photos from the group, and from December 2010 – February 2011 we invited new submissions to be considered for the exhibition to be submitted to the Flickr group.

Siobhan and Carol, along with Renew Newcastle’s Marni Jackson selected the final images for the exhibition from more than 600 photos submitted before 14 February. Siobhan also co-ordinated the exhibition, and secured the contribution of some great local sponsors: Pro Am for printing the photos and Lion Studios for mounting the photos

The Newcastle Morning Photos exhibition features 51 images of Newcastle by 36 contributors who have come from right across the region, from Valentine to Vacy. You can view all of the exhibited photos here.

Download the Exhibition Guide which includes a full list of the Photograps included in the Exhibition.

The Open days

NSW Govemment Land and Property Managent Authority (LPMA) are managing the Public Access Open Days on 25-27 February 2011 and 11-13 March 2011.

As visitor numbers to the site at any one time must be limited for safety reasons, LPMA have established a ticketing system. This was announced by Minister for the Hunter and Member for Newcastle, Jodi McKay, on Friday 18 February. The tickets are FREE.

Read more information on how to get a ticket to visit Nobbys Open Days and the Exhibition.

To provide Feedback to LPMA about your Open Day visit, go to their Feedback Form.

Image Credits

Thanks to photographers whose pictures feature in this Project Gallery:

From the exhibition: Cherry Pickers by Christoper May.

Of the site:

Nobbys Head by Winsome Bonham, via Lighthouses of Australia Inc.

From Bernie Gibson Photographer: View from the Cottage; Urban Room @ Friday 11th; Baths Room @ Exhibition Opening; Sunrise Room @ Exhibition Opening; Minister for the Hunter, Hon Jodi McKay officially opens the Exhibition; Newcastle Sundance Group of Photographers @ Exhibition Opening; Open Day at Nobbys Head; Lounge Room, during; Tickets.

From Siobhan Curran: The Lounge Room of the Cottage – Before & After.