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Newcastle Fashion Week HQ

Event Headquarters

Property Donor: The GPT Group

about Newcastle Fashion Week HQ

UPDATE: Oct 2009

Newcastle Fashion Week is over and the NFW team have moved out of their shopfront. You can keep in touch with NFW via their website or Facebook page, in readiness for future events. We are so glad NFW filled the shopfront windows with their spooky, kooky models!

Newcastle Fashion Week (20-25 September 2009) aims to put Newcastle on the map as a fashion and cultural hub, providing exposure for Newcastle designers, photographers, hair and make-up artists, students and musicians. The event is run primarily by current students of the University of Newcastle and raises funds for the Cancer Council.

NFW consists of three days of fashion shows featuring creations from local designers and boutiques in Newcastle.

Newcastle Fashion Week HQ is an information kiosk for people who would like to learn more about NFW. Works from the designers involved will be displayed in the shop front, as well as inspiration boards and photographs. The organisers also use the space as an office in the busy weeks leading up to the event itself.

We asked Louise Mackay, NFW Founder and Director, what inspired her to get involved in Renew Newcastle

We found that Renew Newcastle has similar goals to us: to draw people back into the city; to showcase the talents of young, local artists and designers; and to establish Newcastle as a cultural destination.