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Neon Zoo

Property Donor: GPT

Launched: 10 Feb 2009

Closed: 8 Aug 2012

The Clinic, 66 King St

UPDATE AUG 2012 Neon Zoo have graduated to a commercial lease along with fellow Renewers Conversant Media. They are both now located L1, 16a Bolton St, Newcastle. Keep up to date at

Neon Zoo is a design studio run by Abby Farmer and Clare Gleeson.

What do you do? 

At Neon Zoo we thrive on helping businesses connect with their clients through design and visual communication solutions. Neon Zoo offers the services of graphic design, fashion graphics, web design and illustration to anyone who is willing to come and visit the ‘ZOO’.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

In order to set up our small business, we needed to keep our overheads low. Up until now the Neon Zoo has been running from a small, isolated sun room in our Bar Beach apartment. Whilst this was a great start, we were quickly growing out of the space in which we, the animals, could barely move!

Renew Newcastle was the perfect opportunity for Neon Zoo to continue to grow without the pressure of a commercial lease and expand into some much needed space where we can work and meet with clients. The Renew Newcastle project has also introduced Neon Zoo to some great neighbours with whom we can interact and share ideas within the building making The Clinic an exciting and social work environment.

What are you doing in your new space?

In our new space we have two interconnecting rooms. In the first room we have lined a 1/3 of the space with a ‘U’ shaped work bench. These work benches offer space for us to work, sketch and print with room to move! We are using the second room as our client room/library, where we can sit and research, meet with clients, discuss their problems and then present our solutions.

Tell us about the space … 

Our new space is a maze of hallways and connecting doors. Its past use was as an optometrist so it has been aptly named The Clinic. There’s plenty of odd additions to each room, with multiple sinks, lights and hallways to nowhere.

Set up with designers, publishers and film editors The Clinic is the perfect space for all of our individual projects to work without interuption whilst offering a hub with which we can interact, and create as a collective… Oh, and its the perfect place for a game hide and seek.