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Nathan Curran Building Design


Address: Room 7, Suite 76, Building 3, Market Square, 113-145 Hunter Street, Newcastle
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: GPT/NSW UrbanGrowth
Launched: 18 September 2015
Closed: July 2016

Nathan Curran
e: [email protected]

I have ‘graduated’ to a co-share arrangement with Curious Practice, Mark Spence and Michael Hearne. Mine was a pretty quiet existence with Renew but I enjoyed the experience. It was a great support to be around similar people all focusing on getting their small design offices up and running. I would recommend it to any design outfit starting out in Newcastle.

Who are you?
I am Nathan Curran – a graduate from the University of Newcastle Master of Architecture program who is currently living and working in Newcastle. Since graduating I have been contracting and working in local Architecture offices. I recently decided to create a small office where I can develop my own personal approach to creating architecture.

What do you do?
2015-2016 will see the office focus on personal works within the built environment of Newcastle and Lake Macqarie. The office has a particular interest in all scales of residential design with experience from concept design through to construction phase projects. Previously I have worked across various design fields from architecture to the preparation of architectural exhibitions and cultural projects.

What are you doing in your new space?
The Renew space will be primarily used as an office for the preparation of current works which involves lots of drawing and emailing.

What inspired you to be involved in Renew Newcastle?
At university there were short design projects that focused on reimagining decaying spaces within the Newcastle built environment. This is where I became aware of Renew Newcastle and its approach to placing creatives into these spaces. Since then I have followed the success of other small design outfits that have been involved with Renew Newcastle which has influenced the Curran office to start.

Tell us about your space
The space was a vacant room within a shared office suite in MarketSquare. The space has been fitted out with an assembly of plywood joinery that forms a working station, storage and informal meeting space. The opportunity to access space and be surrounded by interesting people will allow for greater creativity in projects.