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Marlin Textiles


Address: 92 Scott Street, Newcastle
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: Newcastle City Council
Launched: 18 June 2015
Closed: 13 September 2015

Holly Marlin
m: 0435 390 924
e: [email protected]

Who are you?
I am a textile artist, primarily working in weaving and shibori dyeing.

What do you do?
My practice focuses on the use of sustainable, natural materials, highlighting the texture and beautiful imperfections of the fibres and techniques.

What are you doing in your space?
I will be exploring experimental and traditional fibre art techniques, and producing a range of works including wall hangings, garments and accessories. I would also like to host some workshops/crafternoons where people can come together and learn/share skills such as weaving, macramé, crochet and knitting using natural, sustainable fibres.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
Not only has Renew Newcastle enlivened the city again, it provides a fantastic opportunity for artists to create a studio or retail space at a minimal cost – this enables people to try their passion projects out at a low financial risk. I have a dream, but don’t have the funds to bring it to bear in a traditional way; thanks to this amazing initiative, I have the chance to give it a go!