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Laura Jackel


Address: Level 2, 152-160 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: GPT/Urban Growth Group
Launched: 31 March 2015
Closed:  30 March 2016

Laura Jackel
m: 0406 708 531
e: [email protected]


Laura is  moving to a commercially leased office in the T & G building on Hunter Street. With her son at school, Laura is going to concentrate more on making a go of her writing business that she has been slowly building up on the side of motherhood and working part time over the last five years.
“Being accepted as a Renew client in 2015 was the perfect launch pad for me and my business in Newcastle, and I have met some great people, made contacts and just been able to put my head down and get on with writing.  So thank you Renew – without my sweet little office space and Renew’s help I would not have been able to get my freelance business to where it is now,  I am very grateful for all the support.”

Who are you?
I’m Laura Jackel and I am a freelance writer. I’ve always enjoyed writing but after having my first article published by the Newcastle Herald in 2006, I realised I wanted to eventually make it my career, which I have!

What do you do?
I am really passionate about writing and I aspire to be as authentic and ‘non-fussy’ in style as possible. I have had many rejections along the way, but since my debut in 2006 I’ve been published in many publications and online here in Australia and overseas. These include The GuardianThe Daily TelegraphSunday Life and

In Newcastle I am lucky enough to be a contributing writer for the gorgeous Hunter Lifestyle Magazine and so I get to interview and write about lots of interesting and lovely Hunter people. I have also worked many times with White Magazine – another beautiful local publication.

I love to write about life in general and the common things that bind us as humans such as, parenting, marriage, love and health. I love a good rant and putting into words what many other people are thinking. I also love the instant feedback you get as a writer working online (good and bad!) and this year I started my own blog to challenge myself to write even more.

In my capacity as a copywriter I like to write engaging, targeted copy for businesses for their websites, company brochures and newsletters. I enjoy working out what a client really wants to say and how best to convey those messages to their customers.

I know many people who have access to a Renew Newcastle space and they love it. My sister-in-law is Angela Hailey from the awesome Studio Melt, which was one of the first Renew projects and then graduates.

I think it is a fantastic idea to revitalise unused office spaces in the city. I was so excited when I saw the opportunity for writers pop up and I kept my fingers and toes crossed that I would qualify for a space and I did – hoorah!

What do you plan to do in your space?
I will be enjoying the space and serenity of having my own office space and I shall hopefully be writing up a storm!

The space is quite plain and I plan to make it my own and fill it with books, art and comfy things to sit on. I love the window that looks out onto the Hunter Street Mall and so if I happen to suffer from writers block I can people-watch and sneak down for a coffee or two.