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Kate Parker

Visual Artist Studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

about Kate Parker

Kate Parker is an art educator, drawer, sewer and procrastinator.

A long time co-conspirator, she joins printmaker and illustrator David Hampton to share the Suite 4 studio above ARThive.

Kate, what will you be doing in your new space?

This year I am interested in exploring feminist discourse, animal rights issues, environmentalism and a sense of play.

At the moment I’m working on illustration work and vegan recipe writing for a new magazine called The Den, and illustration for Better Homes and Ghettos

I am also working for Maitland council on a graffiti art project, helping kids design murals for Woodberry skate park, and creating my own mural for the project as well.

I’m going to be resuming my 3D work in the new space; it’s hard to maintain a 3D practice without extra space! This will involve a lot of drawing, cutting, tearing and stitching, and maybe some crying as my sewing machine jams.

Tell us about the space itself

The studio is right above ARThive, it’s beautiful, bright and open, perfect for getting things done. The most unique thing about the space is probably the presence of Mr David Hampton.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

My friends who have been involved over the years, the success of the projects that keep popping up in Newcastle and the people involved with Renew.