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Jake Penn-Cullen

Visual Artist Studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Launched: 16 Jun 2009

Closed: 19 Dec 2009

Suite 3, 111 Hunter St Mall (enter via Morgan St), Newcastle NSW 2300

UPDATE January 2010

Jake no longer has a studio at ARThive.

Jake Penn-Cullen has recently completed final year in Advanced Diploma in Fine Art at Hunter street TAFE Newcastle and is currently working towards having his first solo show.

Tell us about your work

The subject of my work often reflects my surroundings; this is the basis for a process that develops conceptually before any production. The recent work is a series of abstracted skylines an architectural and formal investigation and confusion of line and colour.

I try to bring vigour into materials more readily available from Officeworks rather than an art store; Texta, board, rulers and graph paper. I’m interested in exploring new ideas about painting with a recent installation that reconfigures the gallery space into a physical extension of the paintings also exhibited.