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Jacqueline Larcombe

Artist Studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group & Urban Growth

Launched: 13 Jun 2013

Closed: 31 Jan 2014

about Jacqueline Larcombe

What do you do?
I am a visual artist who works across the mediums of painting and performance. My work is primarily concerned with the way in which popular culture appears to white wash everything it touches. In the past I used this idea in relation to art and the notion of the artist as a celebrity. I am now steering more towards a subjective encounter with popular culture played out on the internet and its implications for human behaviour in the ways in which identity is constructed.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew?
Before moving to Newcastle for study I had heard of Renew and how it was revitalising the CBD. I think it is fantastic that Renew is a non for profit, independent body working directly with property owners. This appears to make all the difference in contrast to not dissimilar projects happening elsewhere. I think the fact that Renew is run by people from creative industry backgrounds has been the key to its success. There is an understanding of the city’s needs and a genuine respect and encouragement for the creative people living here.

What are you doing in your new space?
I am currently working towards an exhibition at WATTSPACE from July 24- August 11. Generally I hope to establish a prolific practice and develop new projects now and into the future.

Tell us about the space
It is part of a set of offices previously occupied by Hunter Sustainability Designers + Consultants. It is good to see the space being put to good use. There is a charming view of the car park and there is also surprisingly good light. It is a great quiet place to focus on making new work.