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Property Donor: Ms Jane Chidgey

Launched: 20 Apr 2012

Closed: 12 Feb 2013

about Insight Architecting

Dr Mahnaz Pejam has been practicing architecture in Australia and overseas since 1989. After emigrating to Australia as a skilled architect (with a Masters of Science in Architecture) in 2000, Mahnaz has been working and living in Newcastle.

In that time Mahnaz has been awarded her PhD in Architecture from the University of Newcastle in 2007, with a focus on architecture relating to psychology, had become a registered architect in NSW and has worked for more than 6 years in a large local practice, EJE Architecture. Her experience covers a wide range of large scale commercial and industrial projects to the smaller scale housing projects.

Mahnaz established Insight Architecting to reach the people who may believe that they cannot afford architectural services by providing them with the basics that will equip them in creating or finding happy homes for themselves and their families.

“I believe that a house is not home without the client’s insight and that the integrity and quality of work and the architectural practice needs to be oriented around the client’s needs and not just for creating architectural statements”, says Mahnaz.

Insight Architecting offers an insight consultation service based on the outcome of research at University. This consultation assists people to find out how they perceive their house environment as their home and provide architectural services of conceptual design and documentation for projects and houses.

Mahnaz often collaborates with fellow architect and Renewer, Jodie Dixon having met at University. Jodie will often utilise the Insight Architecting consultation service prior to design stage.

Mahnaz described her Renew Newcastle space at 23 Watt Street as having been designed resembling modernism and brutalism – it is an important building in the architectural history of Newcastle. The use of large glazed panels in combination with large concrete panels gives it a very strong character. The space was customised by Mahnaz by making a shelf and desk influenced by the character of this building with unfinished timber, exposed metal angles and concrete blocks for my office. Mahnaz describes the view from her window, “It looks down on to the life on Watt Street, of people and cars passing. I also have a great view to the blue sky and flying pigeons.”

Of her involvement with Renew Newcastle: “It is a very valuable movement to revitalize the heart of city and having an office in a building owned by a person who is working with Renew Newcastle is a privilege in the way that I and others may contribute in restoration of one of the buildings. ”


Insight Consultation A new & unique research based consultation service to explore your personal preferences of house as home prior to making any decision about: + Renovation of existing house + Purchasing a new house / unit + Designing a new house + Location

The result of an Insight Consultation is a brief that can be used by the client’s real estate agent, Insight Architecting or another architect to help find or design a house as a ‘home’.

Insight Architecting also provides families with research based advice on improving the house environment for their children which may have a lifetime effect. Some suggestions in house design will increase children’s happiness with their environments into adulthood.

Conceptual Design Designing your house/ renovation based on the outcome of your Insight Consultation.

Documentation Documentation for Development Application, Construction Certificate & tender as required.