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Grant Hunter

Visual arts studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

Launched: 16 June 2009

Closed: 12 June 2015

Suite 3, Upstairs, 111 Hunter St (off Morgan St)

Contact: Grant Hunter e: [email protected]


I am an artist working out of the RN studios at 111 Hunter Street. I’m hidden away in suite 3, but if you say my name three times i will magically appear.

My favourite things to draw are naked monster girls, gloomy superheroes, native marsupials, squirrelly psychedelic lines, OCD circles and hypercolour nightmare landscapes. I’ve been in heaps of other peoples exhibitions and sometimes have my stuff on magazines, posters, and record covers, but lately i’ve just been aimlessly doodling things to amuse myself.

I also play in an unpopular band called Crab Smasher and run a bedroom record label called Monstera Deliciosa.


I share Suite 3 with Sarah Mould. It is a labyrinth of smaller spaces that formerly doubled-up as the office space for ARThive but is now a mega-studio and private exhibition space. We use the front room for showing off our latest work, and out the back we have a few drawing desks set up, a separate painting/printmaking studio, a comfy futon for sneaky nanna naps, plus kitchen and Nintendo 64 facilities for unwinding after a hard days doodlin’.

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