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Frost & Roxburgh Studios

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Property Donor: The GPT Group

about Frost & Roxburgh Studios


Naomi Frost and Xanthe Roxburgh continue to work together. Visit their website at

Frost & Roxburgh Studios is a collaboration between two of Newcastle’s quirkiest photographers, Naomi Frost and Xanthe Roxburgh. By merging their individual perspectives and styles, the pair intend to create a smorgasbord of photographic delicacies. With their new studio and office space, known as The White Room (housed in The Clinic), Naomi & Xanthe will be pushing their creative and artistic boundaries.

Tell us about yourself:

NAOMIFROSTSurfacing_RENEWNEWCASTLE_s Naomi: I’m a photographer, digital artist, people-watcher, day dreamer and chair-lover. I do as little as possible to images that capture the true spirit, and whatever is at my disposal to create images and moments in time that provoke emotion, discussion, consideration and heartfelt response.

XANTHE_ROXBURGH_RENEWNEWCASTLE_IMG_5508-copy Xanthe: I’m a lover of life, taker of photographs, chronicler of the world, mother of one curious boy. I capture the world and its people one moment at a time! I love to explore the form of the human body, be it nude, dressed, costumed or painted.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

N: ‘Renew’ feels like a great theme for 2011 for me. I’ve recently come to shore after navigating the stormy seas of change. Everything feels new and different and I am relishing in a world of potential. Being involved in Renew Newcastle means that I can not only have a base for my photography, it also means that I am a part of bringing our city back to life. ‘Metamorphosis’ always seems so much more palatable than ‘change’… but really, both are renewing!

X: It’s an amazing project that’s bringing my favourite city back to life, one pocket at a time. The opportunity to become involved in a great network of local artists and creatives was too good to miss, and commercial space is so expensive in Newcastle I thought a studio space would be out of my reach. Naomi Frost invited me into her space and I jumped at the chance to be a part of The Clinic and develop Frost&Roxburgh Studios, an idea we’d been tossing around for a while to work together on slightly oddball portrait work.

Tell us what you will be doing in the space:

Frost&Roxburgh Studios will be a combined office/studio space; with a photographic backdrop and lights permanently in place we will be working on a variety of projects as well as taking care of everyday office work.

X: It used to be one of the offices in an opthalmologist’s clinic. Although small, it has a beautiful full length strip of glass bricks which lets in lovely natural light to complement the studio lighting we’ll use. We’re going to make it The White Room, with white walls and a full-length white backdrop that runs along the floor.

N: The office is a place where I can meet clients (and future clients) that doesn’t smell like my garage! I’m going to establish it as a studio for artistic photography, and also as an arena for portraits and other creative work that will make the most of the natural light that hits the windows, and also of the space around the space. The space is called ‘The Clinic’, which brings to mind images of dentistry and doctors. With that in mind I’m looking forward to injecting joy and fun back into the building! What really struck me about the space were the other people there. It is going to be great to bounce ideas and thoughts off other artsy beings, and I know that I’m going to get a heap of inspiration from listening and watching as things happen within The Clinic.



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