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Fran O’Neill


Address:  Suite 5, 111 Hunter Street Street,  Newcastle
Hours: by appointment
Property Donor:  Iris Group
Launched: 3 November 2016
Closed:  25 August 2017

Fran O’Neill
m: 0499 469 852
e: [email protected]

Who are you?
I am a painter. Originally from Wangaratta, Victoria, I moved to New York in 1998 to study painting. I worked various positions over there, including administration in an Art School, teaching, and most recently in the past few years had begun to support myself via teaching art and my selling my paintings. I currently make my work (paintings) in Australia and travel between here the US.

What do you do?
Having moved back from New York, I had several friends mention to me the amazing community of artist that RENEW Newcastle had fostered and developed. I had searched unsuccessfully for a suitable space to work in by myself. Timing was of the essence, as I had three exhibitions lined up in the USA beginning in January that I need to paint for. I contacted Christopher Saunders on the off chance that a suitable space might be available and within weeks he had a space for me. Since moving into the space I have arranged to have and am working towards two further exhibitions in Adelaide and Brisbane.

Tell us about your space …
The space I have, was most recently used by another artist. It consists of two adjoining rooms with an additional small area I use for storage. I gave it a fresh coat of paint and have set to work. It’s incredible and luxurious to have sink in my studio and to have three windows, which gives amazing cross ventilation; crucial for me as I work with oil paints. Additionally I am able to have a small library of historical and contemporary art books for reference. Most importantly loads of wall space to allow me to work on multiple works at once. I’ve managed to work large-scale up to 2m square. I am loving my space and I am incredibly grateful for it.