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Four Point Gallery

Contemporary Emerging Art Gallery

Property Donor: Hunter Water

Launched: 16 July 2013

Closed: 30 June 2015

about Four Point Gallery

What is Four Point Gallery?
Four Point Gallery is an artist run gallery operated by Kate Wilson, Vicki Gerritsen, Kelly Barlin and Kelsey Fletcher. Located on the West end of Newcastle, Four Point is focused on creating a supportive environment that is accessible and affordable for local and emerging artists.

What do you do?
We make having and exhibition & showing getting your work out to the public accessible & affordable.

Solo and group exhibitions as well as selected wall space are available. Feel free to contact us if you wish to propose a concept for an exhibition, or chat about a project. We’re very open to collaborating with you, to help materialise your creative vision.

If you are interested in exhibiting work at Four Point Gallery email [email protected] for more information.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
Having heard about Renew years before I moved up to Newcastle, I (Kate) quickly jumped on their mailing list once I moved here. I just thought it was a brilliant idea, activating empty spaces & giving them a life – not with a typical retail shop, but with local’s who get to take an adventure and try out something new & give it a real go because your not burdened with high overheads or putting yourself at a huge financial risk. It is a brilliant project that I hope continues for years & years to come to help inspire & activate the local community.

If you are a collective/group you can have brief bios of each of the people involved in your project
Kelsey is in her final year at TAFE studying Advanced Diploma of Fine Art, she is currently majoring in painting and printmaking. Kelly is also at TAFE also studying her Diploma of Fine Art her major’s are photography & printmaking. Vicki is a mother/ renovator/ painter & sculptors who completed her Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at TAFE in 2012. Kate completed her Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at TAFE in 2012 and is currently studying to become a high school art teacher at Newcastle University and is a painter, sculptor & drawer.

Each one of us has been a student who have wanted to exhibit our works and falling at times into the ‘poor student’ category – we all understand how expensive the initial outlay to book your show is and at then finding a gallery that likes your work and has a spot available in the next 2years just completely unattainable. We wanted to create a space that is friendly and accessible and cheap enough for student artists and artists at any stage of their career to hang their work in.

Tell us about the space – what was its previous use? Anything unique about it? Your response to the space?
We LOVE the space – we were initially set to be getting another space as we didn’t know if this one would ever become available & just as we were about to sign the papers for the other space we got a call – went & had a look & all fell in love with the potential of the place. It is VERY unique in its design, the architect must have had a few wines when designing the building, there are lots of angles – no long straight walls, there is an old fashioned tin roof that everyone comments on when they see it, which is pretty special.

Apparently the space has been empty for around 8-10years?? It has been a newsagency & a music shop & a piano shop – who knows what else!

Gallery and inaugural exhibition launched Saturday 14 September 2013.