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Refound – repurposed – reloved

Property Donor: The GPT Group & Urban Growth

Launched: 6 February 2013

Closed: 12 August 2013

about dniique

UPDATE AUGUST 2013 The Emporium, the site where Dniique has been located, was temporarily moved out of the former David Jones site to enable the owner to complete some building works on the ground floor. When projects were invited back Danii & Monique decided to make the space available to another project.

Dniique is a treasure trove of reclaimed, reloved and repurposed furniture, objects and homewares. Designers Dannii Roper and Monique Shrume find aged, second-hand and vintage furtniture and objects and rework them into new creations, using other vintage materials (fabric, wallpaper etc), with a twist. It’s a cross between sculpture and collage, but using furniture and household items.

Think vintage suitcases turned into side tables…1950’s metal bread baskets repurposed into a foot stool…wooden windows repurposed into picture frames…bed side tables covered in retro 70’s wallpaper.

dniique was born from a love of all things nostalgic. We find the authenticity of well worn pieces tell a far better life story of ourselves rather than those out of a shiny new catalogue.

We find pieces from yesterday and repurpose them into unique one of a kind items ready to tell a new story in our customers homes. Our imagination is constantly on overload thinking of our next project.”

Dniique is part of The Emporium, an arcade of fine boutiques and galleries which is bringing life to the ground floor, street level of the ex-David Jones building.