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Disruptive Drawings


Address:  Wolfe Studios, Suite 3 Level 4, 153 Hunter Street, Newcastle
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: GPT/Urban Growth Group
Launched: 7 April 2015
Closed:  19 January 2017

m: 0400 541 594
e: [email protected]

What do you do?
Working as a political Artist, I have worked for the BBC,  The Guardian newspaper, as well as in government organisations, advertising and branding, design for health and industry. I am recognised as a designer, artist and academic. As a result I have been a guest on radio and television broadcasts including, Aljazeera, the BBC and Channel 4 etc.

Whilst I have won numerous awards and titles as both a practitioner and as an academic, my work has been banned and subjected to legal limitations. I have published book chapters and contributed to learned journals and my work can be found in libraries and on the internet. I have recently exhibited internationally including a recent show of war art at the Royal Academy 2014.

What are you doing in your new space?
Developing drawings as a means of visual communication, problem solving, visualisation and experiencing new ideas.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
I am interested in being a part of the continuous building and refining of the creative industries in Newcastle.

Tell us about the space – what was its previous use? Anything unique about it? Your response to the space?
I understand that the building has been unused for a long period. The location is extremely exciting as it places the creative industries in a key and vibrant part of the city, next to other businesses from other sectors. This gives the city a strong identity and a ‘soul’ that other places lack. I think this will be important in the future as every city is starting to become increasingly depersonalised and driven by multinational businesses and the dead hand of party politics.

Some publications I’ve also appeared include: e-book