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Dale Collier


Address:  Level 4, 153 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor:  Iris Capital
Launched: 10 December 2014
Closed:  February 2017

Dale Collier
m: 0416 345 548
e: [email protected]
v:  Video by Moz Waters

I’m now at The Creator Incubator, working on some interactive stuff, some paintings and my PhD.  (Very busy indeed!  Good luck Dale! :))

What do you do?
As a dedicated interdisciplinary artist, I work with an embracing approach towards new media, live art, and community-cultural development in an attempt to activate spaces for social change. My work draws inspiration from the collective experiences buried deep within the sprawl of regional, rural & remote communities located within Australia. I am highly optimistic and strive to be a facilitator for the animation of visual arts and cultural practices.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
Upon relocating to Newcastle, I discovered a particularly enthusiastic creative community who really embrace their social history and devote their time to working within an exceedingly transient environment.

I have a strong desire to contribute to the sustainable development and enhancement of this local community through the process of arts activation, community engagement and increased participation, and the incorporation of interdisciplinary arts practice.

As part of my residency at the Wolfe St Studios project, I will be undertaking a number of creative investigations that involve collective memory making, the journey and projection of identity, and the affects of throwaway culture.

The development of my current body of work Memories Redact is driven by a desire to re-contextualise discarded objects together with the neglected histories, in an amplified emotional response to throw-away culture and Australian history I aim to draw attention to some very pressing issues which arise in the search for collective identity – we can’t just dispose of our history with the same disregard we have for the family’s slightly outdated television set.

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