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Curious Practice


Address: Suite 76, Level 2, Commercial Centre, Market Square Building
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm
Property Donor: GPT/ NSW UrbanGrowth
Launched: 11 June 2015

Warren Haasnoot
m:0412 086 882
e: [email protected]

Project Update
We have ‘graduated’ and taken on a commercial lease in the city. We are setting up an office and sub-letting additional space to some other creatives we met through Renew.  Renew has been a fantastic opportunity allowing us to start up our practice with minimal risk. It has allowed us to maintain our creativity as we learn and develop the administration side of the business.We have also made some fantastic friends and continue to share information amongst other colleagues.

Who are you?
We are two graduates – Warren Haasnoot and Greg Lee – from the Master of Architecture program, Newcastle. We both worked for local Architecture firms but after travelling the globe experiencing new landscapes, cities, art and architecture, we decided to set up our own small design firm, Curious Practice.

What do you do?
Curious Practice work in the domain of the built environment. We operate on all scales and budgets with an interest in creating unique and sustainable modes of architecture that suite our contemporary condition. We both also tutor design at the University and this enables us to be continually critiquing our own work, as well as evolving and providing new understandings about what it is that we actually do.

We have followed Renew from its early beginnings as a creative response to regenerate life back into the city. It is also about providing an opportunity for an individual or small business to establish itself, create connections and work with other like-minded people. This really appealed to us, particularly the ability to collaborate on projects with other people, learn new skills and evolve the work we do.

What are you doing in your space?
We are using the space as our office. Our first intervention was to create a fit-out that became a design and build exercise in itself. Our general day to day use of the space is for design work. We use a range of medium both manual and digital to produce 2D and 3D drawings, models, art, web content, light and visual displays, video and audio production as well as written statements, contracts, specifications, documentation etc.

The previous use of the space was an office also but there is a lack of natural lighting and the view is directly onto the multi-storey carpark. We have tried to enhance the quality of the space by internalising the focus with the layout of the joinery, finishes and use of planting.