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Creative Talks

Renew Newcastle, in association with The Lock-Up, is pleased to present Creative Talks, a series of breakfast lectures presented by people who are making a living from their creativity. Hear of their pathway to success, the lessons they have learned (good and bad) and the pearls of wisdom they want to share with you.

This is followed by an audience Q&A and the opportunity to mingle with local creatives from a wide range of backgrounds.

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Meet, greet and eat at Creative Talks.

View December 2015’s Creative Talks with Peter Lewis

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View June 2015’s Creative Talks with Jonno Everett & Sophia Emmett

View November 2014’s Creative Talks with Rachel Milne:

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View October 2013’s Creative Talks with Ghostpatrol:

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View November 2012’s Creative Talks with Kate Banazi:


View October 2012’s Creative Talks with Harvest Textiles:

View September 2012’s Creative Talks with Lucas Grogan:


Creative Talks is kindly hosted by The Lock-Up.

Breakfast is generously sponsored by The Newcastle Herald.

Creative Talks is made possible by the generous support of Newcastle City Council.