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Conversant Media

Publishers of sports and pop culture online media

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Launched: 23 Jan 2009

Closed: 17 Aug 2012

The Clinic, 66 King St, Newcastle

UPDATE AUG 2012 Conversant Media have graduated their project from occupying a Renew Newcastle space at 66 King St to signing a commercial lease for office space in Newcastle’s CBD. As Co-Founder and Managing Director Zac Zavos explains, “Moving from my sunroom to an office space which had been otherwise empty had an enormous impact on my business. It meant I could meet clients, and hire people, earlier than I otherwise would. The space [66 King St] had other businesses like mine in it. We referred business between ourselves….It was a transformative experience and has impacted this city and certainly our businesses. The office would otherwise have been vacant.”

Conversant Media publishes trends and pop-culture website Lost At E Minor and Australian sports opinion website, The Roar. We ask co-Founder Zac Zavos a few questions…

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

Like many people, I work from home in a spare room. I was inspired to create a space where like minded people who can’t afford traditional offices can come together and build a creative and inspiring work space.

What are you doing in your new space?

Primarily it’ll be running Lost At E Minor, but with the additional space I’d like to bring in work experience students who can get some experience in running online websites.

Tell us about the space… 

The building we have secured was previously an optometrist’s surgery I believe, now dubbed The Clinic. It’s a maze of small rooms but has some cool features such as natural light, and nice views. The hand-basins in each room add an extra nice touch to the place! The size of the building means we can pull out from spare rooms number of independent designers and people in creative industries. Hopefully someone will bring in a Wii for our lunch breaks! It should be fun.