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Content Provider

Creative Agency

Property Donor: Ms Jane Chidgey

Launched: 20 Apr 2012

Closed: 24 Sep 2012

about Content Provider


Content Provider has closed while Mark pursues other work interests.

Mark McDean has established a space to offer services to the arts community of Newcastle and the wider Hunter region, to act as a major ‘advice point’ for all stakeholders.

Mark says, “Mediation is an important concept for all practicing artists who may have a focus on their practice but require assistance in gallery selection, funding opportunities, press writing and professional advice.”

Through his creative agency Content Provider, Mark acts as the director of a wide ranging collection of arts-based collaborations. To cast the net wide, Content Provider offers a range of services, from public relations to exhibition design, via professional practice workshops.

Mark is also a practising artist with a continuing interest in Obtuse Textiles. “It is a somewhat ‘low impact’ studio practice that I see relating well to the Content Provider agency concept.”

Mark has returned to Newcastle after 30 years away. He grew up in Newcastle and attended art school in Hunter St in the late 1970’s. A number of years were spent in the traditional business world before returning to art in 1990. He was a gallery curator, student (BA Fine Art, MA Fine Art) at RMIT University and lectured across Fine Art and Fashion whilst creating a studio practice.

Mark continues to have fun (grow old, not grow up!) and is known for his humorous yet professional reviews, catalogue essays and journal articles. He has experience in exhibition curating and design. He really does do everything relating to creative practice.

“Having heard so much about Renew Newcastle, whilst living both overseas and interstate, I just had to get involved on my return to Newcastle”, of his involvement with Renew Newcastle. As he ventures through the CBD, he had noticed that each adventure brings new and exciting destinations, adding that “The concept of collaboration and close creative community is rampant in Newcastle, thanks to Renew.”

His office is located on Watt Street as part of a cluster of Renew Newcastle creative enterprises co-located on the one floor, with shared facilities such as reception, storage, toilets, and kitchen.

Mark says, “23 Watt Street was my regular drinking place in the early 1980’s. The building was actually owned by family friends, who also operated Rumours pub on ground level. It is somewhat strange that I now spend more time in the building working, rather than partying. The second floor space is quaintly 1980’s corporate interior design. There really is something interesting having a Dr Who ceiling.”

Mark intends to be working in his studio/office full time. Please feel free to contact him to discuss any creative opportunity you wish to formulate.