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Blackbox Pictures

Film & television production studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

Launched: 3 June 2013

Closed: 16 April 2014

about Blackbox Pictures

Who are you? Blackbox Pictures is a boutique film production house. We are Peter McMurray, Josiah Nathan and Isaac Turier.

What do you do? Blackbox is a go-to-whoa film production house. In other words we deliver high quality results on all aspects of the film production process, from pre to post. Between the three of us we have over two decades of skill and experience in 3D-modelling, cinematography, directing, producing and VFX. We produce short films, music film clips, high end commercials.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle? We think Renew is a great scheme that supports projects and people with great ideas. Their support is helping us develop our business, complete ambitious projects and reach professional goals that might not normally be reached due to overheads and commercial rental costs. Renew also has a strong network of people who work in all facets of the creative industry. Meeting and working alongside them is a great, not to mention a fast way to build a supportive community. Naturally, we wanted to give the Renew thing a shot!

Tell us a bit about the people involved in your project. Peter McMurray is our Cinematographer and Producer and has been running his own production company for the past 10 years.

Josiah Nathan is our story boards, VFX, 3D-modeller and all-rounder. Josiah is a very talented artist, and is also currently teaching visual effects at TAFE NSW.

Isaac Turier is our Director and VFX artist. Isaac has extensive experience as an actor and director working on numerous projects across theatre and film for the past 10 years, in addition to his drama background Isaac has been teaching film production at the University of Newcastle and Visual Effects at TAFE NSW.

What are you doing in your new space? First thing’s first, we gave it a new lick of paint. As soon as the paint was dry we launched straight into producing a film, VFX and online video content for a number of local and Sydney-based clients.

We have also worked with local community-based groups and charities in creating affordable yet high quality film content. A typical day for the Blackbox team however is pretty atypical. Our days range from shooting in far flung places to story boarding big ideas to exploding pianos in a ‘believable way’.

Tell us about the space – what was its previous use? Our Renew space is an ex-office. It is hard to tell who used it before but with all that grey carpet, grey walls and grey panelled ceiling we knew we had to bring life back into the space.

So far we have introduced a beautiful egg yolk yellow feature wall, a slick black couch and two window sills full of succulents. The Blackbox office is on a floor of Renew spaces so we share communal spaces with an architectural firm and some independent artists. This makes for a great mix and really enjoy having people around.