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BigIdea Creative

Video Production Agency

Property Donor: Ms Jane Chidgey

Launched: 20 Apr 2012

Closed: 20 Dec 2012

about BigIdea Creative

Andrew Licata is a marketing specialist who recently completed a Masters of Digital Media at University of Newcastle. While studying, the concept of BigIdea Creative was born.

BigIdea Creative is your Marketing Department.

Description Having an experienced marketing manager is sometimes not affordable for businesses. BigIdea Creative can provide outsourced marketing services meaning you can focus on running the other aspects of your business without having to employ a full time marketing person.

General Information

BigIdea Creative is an established, friendly, professional, marketing organisation that operates a unique outsource marketing service. A local Newcastle organisation, BigIdea Creative has one key objective – to work with organisations that don’t have a full internal marketing function, but really need help with how their business, their brand, their products and/or services are marketed.

BigIdea Creative has no intention of becoming a big marketing “agency” with swanky offices and lots of employees with high overheads and high hourly rates. What BigIdea Creative has is an experienced client services director who specialises in identifying and delivering your marketing requirements as well as a team of external associates who specialise in their chosen field who we call upon as and when they are needed.

BigIdea Creative has no financial incentive to push a particular marketing initiative. We are about working with our clients, helping them become better at the areas of marketing that they may not be able to do themselves like digital media development or social media. We are also able to take the whole marketing process off our clients’ desks onto ours and then plan and deliver what is needed efficiently and effectively.

BigIdea Creative aims is to be an extension of your organisation. We become your marketing department offering marketing services such as simple, monthly brainstorming and marketing consultancy to full corporate identity, design, brand development and/or digital marketing.

What do you do?

My primary function is to design and create digital content with a core objective of giving a visual interpretation of each project. In this context, I specialise in creating digital video but BigIdea Creative’s service does extend to other digital mediums such as websites, electronic brochures etc.

I also get involved in special projects such as Newcastle’s Italian Film Festival and a website called “Explore Newcastle”.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

I heard lots of good things about RENEW in social circles and in the media. I have a home office but found that being in a home environment can often be counterproductive. The opportunity to be in a space in the city was an attractive proposition for the simple purpose that it gave me a professional focus. It also offers me an opportunity to network with other people so I see the sharing of space to be more than just a sharing of physical space, it is also opportunity to swap ideas and to gain experience from others involved in RENEW.

What are you doing in your new space?

When I was offered the space, I was completing my Master of Digital Media. On this basis, I have been a little slow to get going but my studies are over now so it is full steam ahead. The space will be used as a creative studio where I can edit video content.

Tell us about the space – what was its previous use? Anything unique about it? Your response to the space?

The space was previously by a logistics company as office premises. The funny thing is that I have a work colleague from the University who used to work in this space. When I told her that I had been offered a space at Level 2. 23 Watt Street, she proceeded to describe every room on that level. Turns out she worked for the logistics company and it is actually where she met her husband. Must have something to do with that 3 degrees of separation thing. It sure is a small world …. but I wouldn’t want to paint it!