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Behind Space

Design, Media & Photography Studio

Property Donor: Ms Jane Chidgey

Launched: 20 Apr 2012

Closed: 15 Nov 2013

about Behind Space

Ahmed Hamed is a kind of digital renaissance man, whose production company Behind Space provides design, media and photography solutions.

Behind Space covers all forms of design from graphic to industrial, as well as media production including TV ads, web videos and music videos.

Ahmed is also a photographer mastering in the new styles of digital photography, including surrealism, abstract expressionism, black and white photography, monochromatic as well as traditional photography.

His office space on Watt Street is part of a cluster of Renew Newcastle creative enterprises co-located on the one floor, with shared facilities such as reception, storage, toilets, and kitchen.

Ahmed says, “The room used to be a meeting room for Mannway Logistics – it’s a brilliant, large rectangular room, perfect for what I need it for. There is a desk-based workspace as well as meeting space and lighting for the studio component.”