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Barbara Nanshe


Address: Shop 12, The Emporium, 185 Hunter St, Newcastle
Hours:  Wednesday 10am-4pm, Thursday and Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 3pm
Property Donor:  Iris Capital
Launched: 1 November 2016
Closed:  17 June 2017

Barbara Nanshe
m:  0477 505 332
e:  [email protected]

Who are you?
Barbara Nanshe became an accidental jewellery designer and maker via her dabble with clothes design and pattern making in 1984. During her University degree where she graduated in 1991 with a BAVA, Barbara applied the multi material use principles of assemblage and sculpture to her jewellery projects. Materials are Barbara’s aphrodisiac and inspiration. Many different materials are combined to enable the telling of stories in her pieces. As an environmentalist, Barbara is concerned with reducing the footprint and sourcing ethically supported materials. She uses 60 to 100% recycled sterling silver, gold, brass and copper, cuts many of the stones she sets and also makes beads. With more than 10 solo exhibitions up her sleeve since 1992, Barbara is a highly motivated and skilled jeweller, experienced sculptor, assemblage artist and curator. Barbara taught sculpture and drawing for 3 years at Newcastle TAFE and Jewellery Design through TAFE Global in the United Arab Emirates and also runs art and Jewellery workshops.

What do you do?
Barbara is primarily an artist who designs and makes jewellery and sculpture and delivers workshops. She makes components in recycled silver, copper, brass and some gold in her home studio. She collects pieces to work with including found objects, beads and stones, where ever she travels, to marry with her hand made components to enable her to build meaningful pieces that are uniquely different and original. She endeavours to connect her interest in nature with her adventures (and those of the animals around her) to import a personal message and positive empowerment to the wearer.

What inspired you to get involved with Renew Newcastle?
Renew Newcastle has brought Newcastle alive again and Barbara is so excited to be a part of something that not only supports local makers but inspires Newcastle’s creative projects and allows public access to local products and services. Barbara is humbled by the experience of being housed with other talented makers and feels welcomed into the big creative family.
What are you doing in your new space?
Barbara designs and constructs jewellery pieces in her space in the Emporium with a mixture of play and technical expertise. She also prepares pieces for soldering i.e. cutting out shapes, bezelling stones, designing and planning; drilling beads and drawing designs. All her work is exclusively for sale in the space and she also offers a service for bespoke pieces and wedding rings. As a collage artist and sculptor Barbara also enjoys engaging with other materials at her desk. She displays her framed collage work and sculptures on the wall and on the wooden benches. Barbara has founded her business on 100% focus on her creative work, which could include the display of images, objects and jewellery at any one given time.
Tell us about the space – what was its previous use? Anything unique about it? Your response to the space?
The space was previously used for perfume and cosmetics when the building housed David Jones. The glass cabinets define the small corner space facing the middle entrance to the Mall. It is light and airy and there is a good view of people using the Mall. People can view Barbara’s completed work in the glass cabinets and easily watch her make her pieces at the table inside.