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Art Brasil

Jewellery Workshop & Retail

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Shop 24, Market Square, Newcastle 2300

Contact: Lula e: [email protected]

January 2011 Update: Art Brasil has gone back on the road, travelling artisan markets across Australia. They continue to sell online.

Art Brasil is a shopfront for unique, hand-made artisan jewellery, crafted locally. The shop will also function as a workshop and studio space, where the artisan will create his jewellery, and will offer free jewellery-making classes.

Hailing from south Brasil artisan Luciano (Lula) has been making jewellery and art for 17 years. All the techniques he knows were learned from his experiences on the streets of Brasil.

A family-owned business, Art Brasil is run by Lula and his partner Jodi. Since arriving in Australia in June 2007, Lula has been selling his products at markets.

Art Brasil offers jewellery making workshops.