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Angus Crowley

Visual arts studio

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Suite 3, Upstairs, 111 Hunter St (off Morgan St)

Angus has recently completed a Diploma of Education (Secondary) at the University of Newcastle to supplement a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Fine Arts Honours degrees at the same institution.

Angus sees the artists collective as a means to help local emerging artist exhibit their works and thoughts at the smallest of costs, so they can inject more into obtaining the right materials to bring shape to their artistic visions.

What does Angus think of the ARThive gallery and studios?

As a secondary school art teacher I think it is important to continue practicing my art and be connected to the arts community of Newcastle. I believe my involvement in such a grassroots program will provide me with a solid and grounded perspective of contemporary arts practice and fill me with creative enthusiasm that will have a positive flow on effect to my students.